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2016 NFL Draft: Scooby Wright has better Pro Day than Combine

A change in trainers and scenery has Scooby feeling better about himself heading into the NFL Draft

The Arizona Wildcats held their NFL Pro Day on Thursday afternoon, and while Scooby Wright III will still have plenty of private workouts to try and improve his draft stock, he took advantage of the stage on Thursday.

Arizona's former star linebacker had a rough go in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine, so putting up better numbers for the scouts that made the trip to Tucson may go a long way in ensuring Wright goes in the first half of the 2016 NFL Draft.

"Indy was a whole different thing," Wright said of his Combine experience. "I remember one night I had to do two MRIs and like six X-rays. I didn't leave the hospital until like 1:30 A.M., and then I had to wake up at 3:45 A.M. to take a P.E.D. test. Then after that day, we had all kinds of psychological tests."

"I probably got eight hours of sleep in the four days I was there."

One of those psychological tests involved an NFL team asking him "Do you think your mother is attractive?"....his response:

"You have to be able to twist it in a way where you don't sound creepy but you don't sound psycho. You have to kind of find a spot in between if you know what I'm saying."

Wright struggled with certain drills at the combine, most notably his 40-yard dash. In Indy, he ran a 4.90. In Tucson on Thursday, he ran somewhere around a 4.80, with some teams clocking him at 4.79 seconds.

"By the time I ran the 40, I was like 'Jesus, this is really about to go down," Wright joked of his 40-yard dash experience at the Combine. "Like, there's no going back. You just gotta go. But it is what it is."

He was also struggling with weight loss issues, and had to resort to drastic measures to weigh in at what his target weight has been.

"I lost about 25 pounds in a month and a half," he explained. "I just lost all my strength. The weight I weighed in at wasn't what I was hoping for. I had to drink a gallon of water before."

"When we did the body fat test, the scale said 234," Wright continued. "And I was like '234?!' So I downed a gallon of water. There was a line of 39 guys, and I was chugging a gallon of water. Like downing it, on the verge of throwing up. Then I weighed in at 239.7."

Wright weighed in at 237 pounds on Thursday.

Since the Combine, Scooby has changed trainers, returning home to California. And that seems to have helped him in these last few weeks.

"When I was in Miami, I wasn't really lifting too much," Wright explained. "I'm explosive and fast because I'm strong."

With the new training, and with NFL teams potentially turning more to game film as the draft approaches, Wright's agent Drew Rosenhaus sees the linebacker going sometime in the first two days of the draft, somewhere in between middle of the second and middle of the third round.

"I don't see how he gets out of day two," Rosenhaus said. "I really don't."

Scooby's had to adjust his expectations a bit, sliding down from a potential first round talent to someone who will get taken in the second day. But he's at peace with that.

"Before I was like 'I gotta go first round, I gotta go first round', but now I just wanna go play ball."

"I'll be 21 years old, playing in the NFL, living my dream."

Yeah, he may not go in the first round, but that's still a pretty good life to have at 21.