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Former Arizona State defensive back Damarious Randall rips alma mater

Damarious Randall was not pleased with his former school

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

We all got a treat late Thursday night, after scrolling through Twitter, only to find former Arizona State Sun Devils defensive back, Damarious Randall, go on a rant about his former school. While he might have angered some folks at Arizona State, it's all stuff that we can appreciate here at Arizona. The goodness started around 6:30pm MST.

Surely he had been hacked by a teammate or friend. Or maybe this was a premature April Fools' joke. But nope, Randall cleared that up a few hours later.

Arizona State over the last few years has recruited junior college products heavily particularly on defense. They even claimed to be JUCO U, after having several former junior college products fulfill their NFL dreams.

Randall, previously coming from Mesa Community College, is so heated that he will now show the Thunderbirds some love on Monday Night Football.

So something must have gone down between the school and Randall, because he was not happy with the way he was treated.

Our good pal at ABC15, Shane Dale, was lucky enough to catch Randall on Periscope, explaining his tweets. Unfortunately for us, he later deleted the broadcast. Shane was able to pick up a few quotes from Randall, explaining his distaste.

He claims it has nothing to do with the football program, but this still isn't a good look for the program. Especially when one of your former first round picks, who had a breakout year for the Green Bay Packers, goes on a pretty lengthy rant.