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Pokemon GO is sweeping the Arizona football locker room

Gotta catch ‘em all


The Arizona Wildcats have been grinding all summer to be the best, like no one ever was. The summer workouts are starting for the ‘Cats and they’re preparing for this upcoming season.

But a few guys have also been working double; also training to become a Pokemon master.

Pokemon GO has become the latest Internet sensation and it has caught on with quite a few members of the Arizona football team, as well as incoming recruits. They’ve been traveling across campus, searching far and wide for these Pokemon.

Junior running back Nick Wilson

Junior safety Kwesi Mashack

Senior linebacker Paul Magloire

4-star quarterback commit Braxton Burmeister

3-star athlete commit Drew Dixon

Wide receiver Zach Benjamin

Redshirt sophomore linebacker Tre Tyler

3-star offensive tackle commit Edgar Burrola

Former defensive tackle Sharif Williams

Just imagine what it will be like once the whole team catches on to this craze.