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Arizona football: Who wins in a cook off? Paul Magloire or Dane Cruikshank?

This debate needs to be settled

Washington State v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats are back on campus for the season and the football players are back to living their college lifestyle, which means cooking on their own.

Paul Magloire has never been shy to post his latest creations on social media, often calling out Matt Dudek and starting Twitter beef of their own.

On Tuesday night, Paul posted a video of his dinner, boasting his cooking schools a bit. Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles wasn’t having much of that.

Demetrius just wants people to know the truth

Dane Cruikshank coming in for backup

Not cool, fellas

This Periscope would be hilarious. I can get behind this.

Cool, so it’s official. We have a judge.

The true freshman Kahi Neves is not backing down either now


Sammy Morrison was late to the party but he’s ready to throw down.. with hot dogs and mashed potatoes

Only Isaiah Hayes wants Sammy’s hot dogs

We know Sammy’s secret ingredients

Oh... oh no

Yes, yes he does

Turns out not even Isaiah wants Sammy’s mashed potatoes

In comes the mediator, Marcus Griffin

Demetrius just isn’t having it

He still can’t get over the combo of hot dogs and mashed potatoes and quite frankly, neither can I

Wait a minute..

Oh it’s going down

So now it’s a thing. Who you going with, Paul Magloire or Dane Cruikshank?