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Pac-12 Network visiting Arizona football practice, Union Public House on Tuesday

You’ll be able to get a chance to see some inside practice football with other Wildcat fans Tuesday night

Jason Bartel

When the Arizona Wildcats take the practice field on Tuesday morning, they’ll have a few extra sets of eyes on them.

Pac-12 Network is set to make the trek to Tucson for their Training Camp special and film segments throughout the day on Tuesday for the episode they will air Tuesday evening at 9 PM PT.

Arizona alum Glenn Parker will be at Union Public House starting at 8 PM for a viewing party, where fans can enter a raffle for various giveaway items, including two free tickets to an Arizona home game this year.

So if you’re in Tucson, it might be worth it to stop in at Union Public House Tuesday evening, a restaurant that made our Restaurant Tournament Elite Eight, and try to win some free stuff.