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Arizona football: San Francisco 49ers send Wildcats signed sympathy card

Football is indeed family

The Arizona Wildcats got some nice mail from the Texas Longhorns on Wednesday, but that wasn’t the only organization reaching out.

When UA went to the Arizona Cardinals’ practice facility in Tempe, the phrase ‘Football is Family’ became the lasting image of that week as the team recovered from the news of Zach Hemmila’s passing.

And just like the Cardinals, the San Francisco 49ers have also gone a step above and beyond.

Just like Texas, this is an organization with no real ties to the Wildcats. There are no former Arizona players on the team. The closest you can get is former Oregon head coach Chip Kelly manning the ship in San Francisco.

This is just an organization keeping it classy, and letting Arizona know, once again, that football is family.

I’m guessing that there will be more of these, and we’ll try to keep you updated on all of them. Sports can be great off the field sometimes too.