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Arizona football releases video paying tribute to the past

Dream on

Tedy Bruschi

The Arizona Wildcats are currently churning out hype videos. Even though this one has very little production value, it’s going to hit some fans right in the feels.

Rich Rodriguez was very excited for this video to come out.

"The Gladiator was fun, it didn’t take much time, but the next video that we come out with to the ‘Dream On’ song where it shows the history of Arizona the charts in my opinion."

"Whenever it comes out, every Arizona fan that’s ever followed Arizona football I think will like the next one coming out."

"I think we have the most talented video guru guys in the country," Rodriguez continued. "They’re really good and it’s amazing what they can do. It was fun doing some of the player videos every year, but this one here is pretty neat. It’s pretty spectacular."

The Gladiator-inspired film released a few days prior appears to be 100% the idea of RichRod.

"The hardest part was putting on those outfits," coach joked. "Those guys are 20 years old, and they kind of fit right in there ya know what I’m saying. But put an old man in there and it’s a little more difficult."

"We did this three or four weeks ago for three hours on a Sunday," Rodriguez responded to critiques of the videos taking time away from game prep.

And then we found out the real reason he willingly participated.

"I’ve watched the movie, which I think may be the greatest movie ever made and the probably the single greatest acting performance in the history of movie making by Russell Crowe. That one and The Outlaw Josey Wales are neck and neck for my all-time favorite movies, so I’ve watched it a bunch of times."