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Arizona football: Trey Griffey reminisces on Cooperstown trip

What were the best things about going to the Baseball Hall of Fame for Junior’s kid?

While he may be focused on football, we still needed to hear about Arizona Wildcats receiver Trey Griffey’s trip to Cooperstown to celebrate his dad getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

"Everything about it was amazing," Griffey said on Wednesday. "It’s my first time being up there so it was just good. The whole experience was just amazing."

"Just being around all the Hall of Famers," Griffey explained of what the coolest part of HOF weekend was for him. "Just picking up different things from them; work ethic, what they did, telling me there’s always going to be someone faster and stronger than you because there was someone faster and stronger than them, and never let somebody outwork you."

Even though Trey was excited to meet all the different MLB legends, one guy stood out above the rest.

"Rickey Henderson," Trey said through a smile. "Just everything about him as far as he knew he was good, but he wanted to go out and prove to everyone that he was good. And now he has the record for steals, so that’s quite amazing."

Griffey also touched on what it was like getting drafted by the Mariners, and the process of signing a contract that allowed him to keep his football eligibility. Oh yeah, and he talks football too.

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