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AZDS Reader Pac-12 Power Rankings: Preseason voting

How did you pick the Pac-12 before the season starts?

The 102nd Rose Bowl Game - Iowa v Stanford Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Each Sunday and Monday throughout the college football season, we’ll be taking your votes in our Reader Pac-12 Power Rankings.

We had 130 submissions this week, but had to knock it down to 125 votes for each team for reasons explained below.

Here’s how things turned out:

With our dropdown menus, some people voted for teams twice. The team receiving the fewest number of votes was Oregon State with 125. To get all the teams down to that number, I took out their lowest votes necessary, leaving each team with their highest 125 votes.

Now to the data. Teams received one point for first place votes, two for second place and so on so that the lower your score was, the better off you were.

Unsurprisingly, the Stanford Cardinal are your preseason No. 1 team. The UCLA Bruins and USC Trojans are pretty close for second and third. The Oregon Ducks and Washington Huskies are also tightly bunched for the fourth and fifth positions.

The next tier among our readers appears to be the Utah Utes, Arizona Wildcats and Washington State Cougars. Then you have Arizona State and Cal bunched up, with Colorado and Oregon State rounding out the conference.

Of course there are weird anomalies when we do this sort of thing (hello ASU having more first place votes than UCLA), but overall it seems to have lined up with most preseason picks for the conference.

Anything with our preseason voting catch your eye? Does it pretty much line up with how you voted? Let us know your thoughts!