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Arizona Tuesday Twitterbag: Wildcats receiver notes, depth chart and videos

Let’s take a closer look at the wide receiver situation

Northern Arizona v Arizona Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

It’s game week for the Arizona Wildcats, which means you guys have questions about actual hard-hitting football things.

So let’s get to it, as most of them are about the wide receivers and the offense in general. As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter @azdesertswarm and to tweet in your questions every Monday and Tuesday.

I think Shun Brown will make more of an impact than Cam Denson. By all accounts, Brown has become one of the better route-runners on the team, and that will get you open in college football more than just having the physical attributes. I think Denson will gradually get the ball more and more as the season goes along, but if we’re talking about overall impact in 2016, I feel like Brown is the guy to take here.

I asked Rich Rodriguez about this Tuesday morning, and Tony Ellison is injured, and has been for most of camp. Rodriguez also said that he expects Ellison to be out a few weeks. We’ll see what the actual injury that gets listed will be on Thursday.

I mean, Justin Belknap is your starting defensive end, and he’s a walk-on, so him. Also, I think we will see Matt Aragon punt a little bit this year, and as far as I know, he’s not on scholarship. Outside of that, I don’t think we’re going to see a ton of current walk-ons. Jake Matthews is a former walk-on that should see the field a decent amount at linebacker.

Yeah, I have a few options for you on this one. At cornerback, I think we might see Lorenzo Burns or Antonio Parks get some run in a backup role. On the defensive line, Calvin Allen was kind of surprising to not see on there. Also, Finton Connolly is someone who receives praise on a pretty regular basis from the offensive linemen. And then Jamardre Cobb at fullback. He already has a year of doing it under his belt, and was moved there during camp this year, so I think in certain redzone situations, he will be a dangerous weapon out of the backfield.

I think Arizona is 4th in the conference. I would put Stanford, Oregon and USC above the Wildcats, plus ASU and Washington have good cases as well. It is exciting to have three viable options out of the backfield heading into the year. The key will be if Nick Wilson can stay healthy. I also believe that this year’s starting offensive line could be one of the best run-blocking groups.

It’s almost impossible to have less of a presence than last year, right? I was kind of surprised to see Josh Kern over Trevor Wood on the depth chart, but I think both of those guys could be interesting redzone options. I believe there will be multiple TD receptions this year from tight ends, topping last year’s total of one.

He wishes. Matt Dudek has a lot to do with them, but the real credit should go to John Daley, Ryan Bloom and the entire video staff at Arizona. They do a good job, and we’ve been spoiled by some of their early work.