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Arizona vs. BYU: Wildcats announce uniform combo for season opener

Wear red on Saturday

NCAA Football: Nevada at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

***warning: sarcasm ahead***

The biggest mystery surrounding the Arizona Wildcats’ first game has now been solved.

We know what uniforms they’ll be wearing.

That’s Nate Phillips announcing that Arizona will wear red-red-white as the uniform combo on Saturday.

U of A never wore this particular combo last year. The Wildcats went 2-1 while wearing the plain red helmets, and 2-1 in the red jerseys, but put up a record of 1-3 in the white pants. Two of those losses were blowouts at the hands of Stanford and Washington.

The last time this particular combo was used was in the 2014 game vs. Nevada. UA won that contest 35-21.

When the Wildcats were last in University of Phoenix Stadium, they wore blue helmets and red everything else. So the red jerseys are remaining the same this time around.

Thanks to the team for getting this out of the way early this week. I always hated waiting around until Friday to find out what they would be wearing. Now we have three days to worry about less important things.