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Arizona football: Keenan Walker's future with the Wildcats is unclear

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The former four-star recruit was present at practice on Thursday, but Rich Rodriguez isn't sure if that will be the case moving forward.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Wildcats freshman offensive tackle Keenan Walker was arrested for assault in Scottsdale back in early July, complicating his standing with the football team.

But despite the off-the-field issues, Walker was present at the Wildcats' first day of practice on Thursday.

The former four-star recruit — and the highest-rated recruit Rich Rodriguez has ever landed at Arizona — didn't participate, however, and was seen walking around the practice field with team trainers.

"He’s walking around getting healthy — it's an injury thing," Rodriguez initially said of Walker, who missed his freshman season because of an ACL injury.

Later, though, Rodriguez clarified that it's an injury plus "internal discipline" that's keeping Walker off the field.

Rodriguez also mentioned that while Walker was present on Thursday, he's not sure if that will be the case moving forward, as Walker technically isn't on the camp roster (though he is still listed on the online roster).

"He’s not in camp, and I can’t tell you if he’s going to be in camp," he said.

Given Walker's perceived talent level, it would be a tough loss for Arizona, though it wouldn't be the first time in the RichRod era that he's dismissed a top offensive line recruit because of off-the-field issues. If you recall, former four-star recruit Jordan Poland was removed from the team after being arrested approximately a year ago.

That said, it does seem like a good sign that Walker is still at least around the team. Of course, it remains to be seen if that will continue to be true. Ultimately, Walker's future may be contingent on the result of the legal process.