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Arizona football: Anu Solomon wanted to play through concussions in 2015

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The Wildcats’ QB wants to actually be more physical in 2016

Arizona v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The 2015 Arizona Wildcats season was defined by injuries, not the least of which were the two concussions that redshirt sophomore quarterback Anu Solomon sustained against UCLA and Utah.

He ended up missing the ensuing games against Stanford and ASU, but after the first day of camp, he said he was actually going to try and be more physical in 2016.

"I try to take on more hits, I thought I was playing soft last year," Solomon said. "Gotta change that up; play with a little more Polynesian style and get hit every play. This year I expect more and try to hit people."

That seems like a strange take from a quarterback that has had his fair share of injuries in his college career. If anything, he should be trying to avoid more contact and preserve his body for the full 12-game schedule.

With a special emphasis on head injuries and concussions in recent years, the medical protocol has changed throughout sports, making it more difficult for those who have apparently suffered a concussion to get back on the field. But Solomon wanted to get out there and play after the two hard hits he took to the skull.

"I thought I could’ve pushed through those two concussions," he explained. "People say I can’t be playing with my mind like that, but I’ve been getting concussions since I was in the third grade, but it’s just a whole new world."

This is kind of a scary thought that a player has that he can just power through concussions because he’s been getting them his whole life. I’m honestly not sure what to make of it because it seems apparent that one hit could potentially end his collegiate career.

But if he wants to be more physical this year, all the power to him I guess.

You can watch him make these comments for yourself here: