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Grambling State vs. Arizona game predictions

How many points do we think the Wildcats will score?

NCAA Football: Arizona vs Brigham Young Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats are big favorites over the Grambling State Tigers, and realistically, no one is really expecting the upset.

So below are our picks for the game. Here’s our writer standings after one week:

You can give your score pick here and in the comments:

Gabe Encinas: Well, I’d be a little shocked if Anu Solomon even dressed out for the game and extremely shocked if he played. With that being said, I’m excited to see what Brandon Dawkins can do leading the offense. This is what the majority of us asked for after halftime last week, so we’ll see what he can make of this offense. The defense did their part last week, now it’s time to combine the two forces in what should be an easy win for Arizona.

45-13 Arizona

Drake Horner: Arizona opened as a 46 point favorite, so that shows you what Vegas thinks of Grambling. The Wildcats should be able to score with ease and it will be interesting to see if the defense will be as good as last week. Arizona should be able to put away Grambling early.

42-13 Arizona

David Potts: The Wildcats will win easily, but that 46.5 point spread? I can’t see them covering that, no matter who ends up playing quarterback.

Arizona 45, Grambling State 10

Ryan Kelapire: This game will be — and should be — ugly, but I’m not really sure if the Wildcats will cover the 46.5 point spread. I do think with Brandon Dawkins at the helm, Arizona will put up a ton of points since I see him being more of a big-play threat than Anu Solomon. Counter to the BYU game, scoring won’t be a problem for Arizona against Grambling State, but I also think Arizona’s defense is due for a bit of regression.

Arizona will win 52-20

Steve Apter: As evidenced by the spread in the NFL opener, bookies know their stuff. The line for the Panthers and Broncos opened at Broncos -1 and ended up at Panthers -3. Based on how the final minutes played out, Vegas was pretty spot on when no one in their right mind thought Trevor Siemian would go toe-to-toe with Cam Newton. As poorly as U of A played at times in all phases against BYU, I think Vegas has assessed the Grambling State matchup correctly and U of A wins by nearly 50 points.

BYU is a heck of team, especially defensively, but that being said the Cats were embarrassed in Glendale for most of their opener. There is also a young man on this roster who has worked tirelessly for the type of opportunity he's getting on Saturday. Brandon Dawkins will show out in this game. If Dawkins is forced to take the reigns for more of this season due to Solomon's injury, I think we can expect similar, good not great production like Anu has accomplished over his two years. However, Dawkins has a big night against lesser competition and Rich Rod & Co. bounce back.

Arizona 62 - Grambling State 14

Brandon Combs: Not much to really say here. I believe Arizona will win pretty big. It's a good game for the team to work out any kinks.

Arizona 63-Grambling State 17

Mike C. Paulus: Arizona has some issues. The offense was stagnant against BYU, and the team enters the Grambling State contest with its backup QB under center. There's no question that Arizona will win, but I'm afraid it will be more competitive than it should be.

Arizona 30 - Grambling State 14

David Stevenson: Arizona did a good job of holding down the BYU offense in the first half until the Cougars started running the ball more in the second half. The Wildcat offense looked out of sync and never got the passing game going last week. With Solomon out and Arizona going to Dawkins, it may be a "run first, pass second" gameplan.

Grambling State is a running based team and they did hang eight touchdowns on the board in the first half last week. This offense will present a problem for the UA defense; not a big one, but the Tigers will score their points.

Vegas missed the mark on this one. Arizona will struggle out of the gate but will salt this one away late in the third quarter. There will be more questions than answers after this game.

Arizona 37 Grambling St. 17

Ronnie Stoffle: If UA doesn't win then this squad is in more trouble than we could ever imagine. I obviously believe the Wildcats will take care of business, on both sides of the ball, Saturday night.

Another way to approach this topic is the prediction of Brandon Dawkins’ performance. Will he play so well that he has to start the following week against Hawaii? It's hard to imagine that he won't go off which will really heat up the QB controversy.

I believe Anu should be the starter when he is healthy but his health is the key. He has really struggled to stay on the field in recent history. The Wildcats need Anu’s knee to heal up quick. Without him, the passing game will take a hit and the QB depth chart becomes shallow and ominous.

Alec Sills-Trausch: When the best thing taking the field in Tucson is your marching band, there’s probably not much hope for your win/loss record. Now, I’m not sure if Arizona will cover the spread but they will definitely get the victory.

This will allow the team and coaches to work out some kinks, while also giving Brandon Dawkins plenty of reps behind center with Anu Solomon taking this game off to rest his ailing knee. The first few drives could be rough, but once the team settles in with their new signal-caller, they should start grinding.

55-17 Arizona Wildcats

Jason Bartel: Yep.

62-13 Arizona