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Tucson Police: Orlando Bradford struck girlfriend over car scratch, Frosty

The details of the alleged assaults have now been released.

Oregon State v Arizona Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

On Wednesday afternoon, Arizona Wildcats running back Orlando Bradford was arrested on seven felony counts of domestic violence, and was immediately dismissed from the team.

On Thursday, the Tucson Police reports were obtained by the Daily Star, and paint the picture of two separate incidents that led to the arrest.

We learned that the events took place over the course of Monday and Tuesday during Bradford’s Wednesday night court appearance, but now we know what the victim is alleging.

According to the Star, the first incident started with an argument over a scratch on his car.

"Bradford ordered the victim into his room, according to reports, but she refused. Bradford grabbed the victim by her hair, according to reports, and started pulling her up the stairs. The victim eventually entered his room, where Bradford struck her several times, the report stated."

Tucson News Now has more detailed reports on the initial incident.

"He also allegedly grabbed her by the neck and punched her several times in the ribs. She said she told him she couldn't breathe, according to the documents."

On Tuesday, this happened:

"Bradford struck the victim again Tuesday night, according to reports, after they fought over a Frosty he brought her. She said she did not want to eat the Frosty because she was cold, and Bradford became angry. Bradford’s roommate told her she should have some, since Bradford had purchased it for her. She then ate a few bites, according to the report."

The reports also say that Bradford’s girlfriend had left his house to get a ride home, but came back for her phone. He was alleged to have been made angry by her listening to his roommate instead of him, and assaulted her again when she tried to get her phone.

"The complaint also said the alleged abuse continued the next day with him slapping her in the face and causing her nose to bleed. The report details bruising and marks on the victim's neck, arms, ribs and stomach.

According to the documents, Bradford allegedly admitted that he caused the victim's injuries."

The victim’s mother was the one who called the police. The officer who met with the victim noticed a red mark and scratch on her forehead.

Bradford’s roommates are current Arizona players Shun Brown and Antonio Parks.

As of Thursday evening, Bradford was still in Pima County Jail on $20,000 bond. His next court date is set for September 26th.