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Hawaii vs Arizona: Tyrell Johnson’s reverse is what Wildcat fans have been waiting for

Johnson zipped by the Hawaii defense to set the tone early

NCAA Football: Hawaii at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Dawkins got the Arizona Wildcats’ offense rolling early on Saturday night, leading the team to a 13-0 start by way of two rushing touchdowns. Dawkins appeared to be much more confident in himself than last game.

"A lot more," Dawkins said after the game about the confidence he had in himself. "Just like I always preach; the more reps I get, the better I get."

That seemed to have given Rich Rodriguez more confidence, opting to open up the playbook a little bit, giving us something we’ve all been waiting for at Arizona.

Tyrell Johnson is clearly the fastest player on this team, but his skill set hasn’t been utilized nearly as much as you would expect in a RichRod offense. This season it seems as if they’ve been trying to incorporate him in the offense a little more.

Late in the first quarter, on first down, we saw Johnson come around on a reverse pitch from Dawkins, with Johnson doing the rest of the work. He whizzed around the edge and dashed into the end zone for a 24-yard score.

With so much speed on the roster, it made you wonder why Arizona doesn’t start to run reverses, quick screens, and other plays that utilize their personnel. Now, we’re starting to get just that.

UA is starting to get its speed involved on offense, with contributions from Shun Brown, J.J. Taylor and Johnson in this Hawaii game. Johnson finished with two rushes for 27 yards and one reception for 12 yards, along with one kick return for 18 yards.