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Hawaii vs. Arizona: Tweets of the Game

Here are the best tweets from the first meeting between Hawaii and Arizona since 1998

NCAA Football: Hawaii at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona secured it’s 5th win against the University of Hawaii and its 600th win in Arizona Football history. Here are some of the best tweets from Saturday’s action.

Commemorating the U.S.S. Arizona

Arizona-Hawaii Ties

Hawaii Game Thread

Making it to the FBS level from Laie is no joke. Hawaii needs to discover guys like this in the more rural parts of Oahu and the outer islands to achieve any sustained success. Tougher than one might think to get someone to move to Hawaii.

Jerrol Garcia-Williams, Hawaii’s defensive MVP tonight

Called back touchdown was to former Colts WR Austin Collie’s younger brother

Ikaika Woolsey might be better if Hawaii was running Arizona’s offense. Dru Brown should be the guy, so much more accurate, it’s not close.

The growth of Steven Lakalaka has been impressive. He also happens to be from the same school as Sani Fuimaono and yours truly. He hasn’t had the easiest transition from high school to college, probably got reps before he was ready due to depth, but has started to turn the lights on and run with vision.

Story of the game for Hawaii

Arizona Game Thread

Brandon Dawkins:

Tristan Cooper:

J.J. Taylor: