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New police reports show Orlando Bradford’s history of assaulting women

These are sad details given by another woman that was assaulted by the former Arizona running back

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The details of the second woman that is alleging domestic violence by former Arizona Wildcats running back Orlando Bradford have been released, and show a disturbing pattern by the Louisiana product.

According to the complaint obtained by KVOA, this second victim was first assaulted by Bradford back in January. In this first occasion, Bradford is said to have held the woman by the neck, strangling her for 15-20 seconds.

Two more strangulation events occurred over the summer, one of which was after Bradford had taken her into the shower, slapped her in a manner where her head smacked up against the shower wall, and then also hitting her on the nose to make it bleed and also cause her face to swell.

Then on September 1st, Bradford once again grabbed her by the hair, slapped her in the face causing a bloody nose, and then strangled her. This second victim provided photos of the injuries caused by these various events that were consistent with the accounts.

According to Caitlin Schmidt of the Arizona Daily Star, Bradford apologized after each incident, but said he would harm the victim if she told the police. The former running back also admitted to pushing and grabbing the woman, but denied hitting or strangling her.

These four new counts bring Bradford’s total to 11 felony domestic violence charges, and is now being held on $40,000 bond in Pima County Jail. Rich Rodriguez addressed the situation on Monday by saying this:

"There ain’t no process," Rodriguez said about the decision to immediately remove Bradford from the team. "There’s one rule: You put your hands on a woman, you’re done. That’s it. Ain’t no sit down and talk. If you did it; if you put your hands on a woman in any way, shape or form, you’re done."

Bradford’s college roommate and current Arizona receiver Shun Brown said on Tuesday he had no comment when asked if he had talked to Orlando since the initial arrest.