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Arizona football: Utah game time set for 7 PM PT

Yet another late start

NCAA Football: Utah at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, we found out that the Arizona Wildcats will be playing the UCLA Bruins at 7:30 PM PT this weekend.

Well, on Monday, we found out that they will play the Utah Utes at 7 PM PT, 8 PM Utah time.

This will be the earliest Arizona has started a game this year, which is kind of amazing. The announcement does at least put the Wildcats on a more wide-reaching network for the second-straight week. The UCLA game will be on ESPN, and the Utah game will be on Fox Sports 1, so those with DIRECTV will at least get their Arizona fill twice in two weeks.

According to WeatherSpark, the average temperature in Salt Lake City on October 8th at 8 PM is right around 57 degrees. So it’ll be a bit chilly, but, on average, it’s not like that Utah game from two years ago where it’s sleeting in the middle of the day.

The larger issue here: Do you like these late-night starts?