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Week Four Reader Pac-12 Power Rankings

How does the conference look after one week of Pac-12 play?

NCAA Football: California at Arizona State Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After one week of conference play, there were some surprises, and some teams that made statements.

Thanks to teams actually playing each other, we got a little clarity of how the conference stands right now. With 50 of our readers casting votes this week, here’s how they voted out this week’s power rankings.

The top three remain unchanged from last week, and I give credit to our readers for moving an undefeated ASU team up to 4th from 9th.

It’s actually interesting that the teams are completely in order by overall record. Not sure how many people would have had Colorado as the only one-loss team after four weeks, but here we are, and now the Buffs are 5th in our Power Rankings.

Like last week, we have weird divisional groupings, except the chunk of South teams is higher up this week after ASU beat Cal and Colorado beat Oregon. Poor Washington State and Oregon State remain at the bottom, and still haven’t had the chance to play a Pac-12 game yet.

So how did you vote, or how would you have voted, and do you have any major issues with how this week’s edition shook out? Let us know! Also be sure to bookmark the Google Form so you can get your vote in when it reopens after this week’s games.