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AZ Desert Swarm Week Four College Pick’em results

Some new blood at the top of our standings

NCAA Football: Washington at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

After a tough week of games to pick, we have some new names up at the top of our College Pick’em standings.

Here’s a look at where we stand after the fourth week of games.

Congrats to Strommunism for taking a commanding lead heading into the final week of this first group of games. And shoutout to Charles for being in second.

Two people scored above 50 last week. Those were tgstack and eckaz1. As a group, we also moved into 177th among all groups on ESPN, so good job with that as well.

This is the last week of the first five-week segment, so be sure to get those picks in for your chance to take home the crown. You can join our group by clicking this link or searching for the group AZ Desert Swarm.

In this fifth week, there’s only one Pac-12 game to pick, and that’s Utah/Cal. Get those picks in, and really, let’s get as many people as we can in our group for weeks six through ten, so come join us now!