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Grambling State vs. Arizona: Wildcats unveil uniforms for home opener

Wear red for Saturday’s home opener

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats look to get on track this week and they’ll host the Grambling State Tigers on Saturday following their season-opening loss to BYU in Glendale.

Rich Rodriguez and a few players said earlier this week how a bunch of "little things" needed to be corrected before Saturday’s game, and apparently one of those things is the uniforms.

As Dane Cruikshank announced in that video above, the Wildcats will be wearing red helmets, red jerseys, and blue pants against Grambling State.

Fans at Arizona Stadium are also advised to wear red.

Arizona has only used this uniform combination once before, and it was last season when the Wildcats beat the Colorado Buffaloes 38-31 in Boulder.

Now we know that if Arizona wins Saturday, it’ll definitely be because of the uniform change, since that obviously has a huge impact on the game itself (heavy sarcasm intended).