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Arizona quarterbacks always have big games against Colorado

Well, except Brandon Dawkins

Arizona v Colorado Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Khalil Tate’s record-setting game has earned him praise from all over the sports world, earning various National Player of the Week awards, and even getting an Instagram comment from LeBron.

But this is hardly the first time an Arizona Wildcats quarterback has had a huge game against the Colorado Buffaloes.

Ever since CU joined the Pac-12 in 2011, Arizona quarterbacks have put up astronomical numbers against them.

Here’s a quick look at those performances:

Arizona QBs vs. Colorado

Year Quarterback Completions Attempts Pass yards Rushes Rush yards Total TDs
Year Quarterback Completions Attempts Pass yards Rushes Rush yards Total TDs
2011 (L 48-29) Nick Foles 35 53 352 4 -1 1
2012 (W 56-31) B.J. Denker 12 14 136 9 44 3
2013 (W 44-20) B.J. Denker 21 32 265 15 192 1
2014 (W 38-20) Anu Solomon 21 38 211 13 105 4
2015 (W 38-31) Anu Solomon 22 37 283 6 -6 2
2015 (W 38-31) Jerrard Randall 3 3 42 11 81 1
2016 (L 49-24) Brandon Dawkins 9 19 107 18 76 0
2017 W (45-42) Khalil Tate 11 12 142 14 327 5

While I get the hype surrounding Tate (and I think part of it is something good finally happened to Arizona after the past couple weeks), let’s take a breath before we anoint him as the savior of the program.

Back in 2015, we saw the same kind of thing with Jerrard Randall coming in for Anu Solomon, and somehow leading Arizona to a comeback victory. You know, kind of like how Brandon Dawkins almost did that against ASU five weeks later after taking over for Randall.

This sort of thing seems like a pattern with Arizona quarterbacks in recent years. You throw a slightly different look at a team (especially Colorado) than they were expecting, and they fail to adjust in spectacular fashion.

Sure, Tate looked great on Saturday, but let’s see him do it against UCLA...a team Rich Rodriguez still hasn’t come out victorious against. It’ll also be a team that’s seen Tate before and will have plenty of tape to study from last week.

A win against the Bruins would certainly be a sign of bigger things for the 18-year-old sophomore. Let’s just dial back expectations a little bit for the time being.