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Arizona vs. USC: 3 keys to a Wildcats victory over the Trojans

Will Arizona be leading the Pac-12 South come Sunday?

USC v Arizona Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

It’s November, and the Arizona Wildcats are about to battle the USC Trojans for first place in the Pac-12 South and put themselves on the inside track for the Pac-12 Championship Game.

Imagine that sentence being written one month ago.

Arizona keeps on winning, and now that Tate Train chugs into L.A. to try and keep the good times rolling.

So what will the team need to do to keep the energy and hope up in Tucson? Here are three things that’ll lead to an Arizona win:

1. Famous Sam’s

In what seems to be a weekly theme, the Wildcats are facing yet another highly regarded quarterback. This time it’s possible No. 1 NFL Draft pick Sam Darnold and his gingery gingerness.

And what seems to be a weekly theme, I feel like getting pressure on the opposing quarterback is this defense’s best chance at creating miscues.

Despite the winning streak, Arizona has the worst passing defense in the Pac-12, allowing 32 yards per game more than any other team in the conference (300.6). I think Darnold is the quarterback best equipped to dismantle the Wildcat secondary, but if he’s constantly under pressure, then that advantage for the Trojans goes away. Because Arizona does somehow have the most interceptions in the conference with 14 picks this year.

2. Nova Home Loans

Last week, it was homecoming in Tucson.

This week, it’s homecoming for Khalil Tate.

The sophomore phenom returns to his Southern Cal stomping grounds this weekend, and is sure to have plenty of family and friends in the stands as he continues his unlikely quest for a Heisman Trophy.

Obviously the only key to Arizona winning the last few weeks has been Tate’s play, and he’ll need to do more of the same in the Coliseum if this team wants to remain at just one conference loss.

3. Pro Trenching

Tate’s success comes with the offensive line getting the job done up front. Arizona has only allowed five sacks all year, but USC has 29 of their own. Something has to give.

Based on what’s happening with my three keys, the best offensive line will win this game. Simple as that.