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Does Herm Edwards know ASU’s nickname is the Sun Devils?

Doesn’t seem like it


Herm Edwards is officially at ASU.

Yep, it’s a thing. Apparently to turn ASU football into some sort of corporation and to be the CEO of that corporation.

But does Herm know the nickname of the team he’s about to start recruiting for once he’s done working for ESPN on Friday? (Yeah, that’s a thing too)

Doesn’t seem like Edwards is quite aware he’s about to coach a team called the Sun Devils:

“Devils Digest?,” Edwards says in that clip. “I’m Catholic now, I’m Christian, watch out for them Devils. I’m just saying. We’re good brother, we’re good. I ain’t takin’ it personal.”

So when your former agent hires you as his college football CEO, apparently the nickname of your school doesn’t come up in those conversations.