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Arizona football: Matt Dudek leaving program to join Michigan coaching staff

Another member of the staff gone

Matt Dudek looks at his cell phone during Arizona football practice
Jason Bartel

The Arizona Wildcats will be without one more member of the coaching staff this season, as FootballScoop has reported that Matt Dudek will be leaving Arizona to join Jim Harbaugh at Michigan as their new director of recruiting. An announcement is expected to be made on Monday at Big Ten media day.

This move has been rumored for the past month, and suspicion was raised as Dudek recently changed his Twitter handle from AZ_Matty_D to Thee_Matty_D. For the past month on his Twitter profile, he has been posting pictures of him and his family vacationing.

Dudek has been a pivotal piece to the recruiting scheme at Arizona. When I spoke with recruits over the last four years or so they always mentioned how funny and welcoming Dudek was. He was a big part of that family feel that recruits spoke highly of when mentioning Arizona.

Just last year, Dudek was named the general manager/director of player personnel for Arizona after serving as the director of recruiting since he moved to Tucson in 2012. The change was due to the hiring of Chris Singletary, who is now the director of recruiting. Strangely enough, Singletary was previously on staff at Michigan before heading to Arizona.

Yet another blow to the coaching staff for sure, but given the circumstances at Arizona, this was a smart move by Dudek to join one of the top five programs in college football. If the team doesn’t meet certain expectations this season, this entire staff could be gone.