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Utah vs. Arizona score predictions

Can the Wildcats pull off the upset?

NCAA Football: Arizona at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats are set to take on the No. 23 Utah Utes on Friday at Arizona Stadium.

As this is published, the Utes are listed as a 3.5-point favorite over the Wildcats.

Arizona is 4-1 against Utah in the Rich Rodriguez era, and the last time the two teams squared off in Tucson, the Wildcats upset the then-No. 10 Utes 37-30 in double overtime.

Will something similar happen this time around? Here’s what our staff thinks.

Be sure to make your prediction in the comment section below.

Ryan Kelapire — Utah wins 31-21

The Wildcats’ passing game will fall back to earth, while Utah’s stingy run defense will make it difficult for Arizona to move the ball as a whole.

I think Arizona’s defense will hold up pretty well in the first half, but Utah will start to break things open in the second half.

Gabe Encinas — Utah wins 24-10

At the beginning of the season, it was extremely tempting to give Arizona the edge. Now, not so much.

Utah hasn’t played anyone significant, and they’re playing on the road in a historically favorable matchup for Rich Rodriguez (for whatever reason). But now, just seeing the offensive inconsistencies, I just can’t see Arizona pulling this off.

Rodriguez is really going to have to pull everything out for this one if he wants to win.

Robby Leaño — Utah wins 27-17

Remember the last time Utah came to Tucson? Yeah, I do too. Those were some good times. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, history will not repeat itself.

Yes, Arizona can run the ball. Their special teams have the ability show up and make a difference. The defense is pretty solid but the passing, that is and has been Arizona’s problem, filled with inconsistencies. It did okay against UTEP. Overall, Arizona could be much worse, but Utah won’t be an easy opponent. The Wildcats probably won’t be able to come out on top this week.

Brandon Combs — Arizona wins 24-21

I’ll be the optimist. Arizona does have inconsistencies with its passing game, but if Dawkins controls the game like he did last week (yes, I know it was UTEP) the offense can be in great shape. I am interested to see how Utah’s defense will hold up against UA’s running attack.

I think the defense will do just fine. The freshmen are eager and the team as a whole is ready for conference play. I think the Wildcats pull out a close one.

Jason Bartel — Arizona wins 24-20

I picked Arizona to beat Utah before the year started, and I’m going to stick with that despite how much this team has been throwing the ball the last two weeks.

My rationale behind this is basically Utah stinks in Tucson and Friday night football games can get weird. Hard hitting analysis right here.

Christopher Boan — Utah wins 27-21

I know, I know, Utah always struggles in Tucson and Arizona showed a pulse against UTEP. I also know that the Utes are much better top to bottom and have Kyle Whittingham roaming the sidelines, so advantage Utes.