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Police report: Arizona safety Scottie Young Jr. spat on, pushed girlfriend in dorm

There also seems to be a history of this behavior

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Arizona Wildcats freshman safety Scottie Young Jr. made an appearance in Pima County court on Thursday morning after being arrested on one count of misdemeanor domestic violence.

Friday afternoon, the Daily Star’s Caitlin Schmidt reported that Young got into a confrontation with his girlfriend in Likins Residence Hall shortly after midnight on Wednesday.

Originally, there were two very different stories to what happened.

According to Young, he “grabbed her two wrists for a few seconds and threw them down to her side” after the two got into a heated exchange in his room around 10 PM. He did this because he thought she was going to hit him.

However, according to the accuser, she visited Young at approximately 11:40 PM to pick up her laptop, and when she reached his room, Young threw the laptop at her. Young then confronted her outside of the room, called her a tramp, and said he wished she was dead.

After Young then threw her backpack towards the elevator, she tried to knock on the RA’s door. At this point, she says Young grabbed her left hand and spit on her. Police have pictures of her swollen left hand.

After police went back to Young, he admitted to grabbing his girlfriend’s wrist and spitting on her.

This also does not appear to be the first time that Young has put his hands on his girlfriend. She says he slapped her in the face several times a few days prior to this incident.

Other witnesses confirmed the woman’s story, with one saying that Young has previously “hit, choked, and slammed her” according to the police report.

Young is scheduled for arraignment on October 11th. The woman was also arrested and charged with a count of domestic violence for being accused of slapping Young and scratching him during the first incident a few days prior to Wednesday’s.

The only statement available from Arizona at this time has been “We’re aware that Scottie Young was charged with a misdemeanor, as was the other party involved. We are working with the university’s Dean of Students Office to gather more information.”