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Nick Foles helps Eagles reach NFC Championship Game

The former Wildcat had a passer rating of 100.1, proving that he can lead the Eagles to postseason success

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles has led the Philadelphia Eagles into the NFC Championship Game after a solid performance in the Divisional Round vs. the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday.

The former Arizona Wildcat went 23-30 for 246 yards in the 15-10 win, giving him a passer rating of 100.1.

Foles’ 76.7 completion percentage is the second-highest postseason number in the last five years, according to ESPN.

While the defense was the real star for the Eagles, Foles defiantly proved he could win in the postseason. He had been doubted the last few weeks after a sluggish finish to the regular season.

Saturday’s game came down to the wire and Atlanta had the ball down 15-10 with six minutes left.

Eventually it drove all the way to two-yard line, but on fourth and goal Falcons QB Matt Ryan scrambled and attempted to find Julio Jones in the endzone where the pass slipped through Jones’ fingertips with 56 seconds left.

There was still hope for the Falcons however, as they had two timeouts and Foles was backed up near their endzone. But on the next play, Foles successfully ran the hard count and drew the Falcons offsides, helping seal the game.

The Eagles will host the NFC Championship next weekend against either the New Orleans Saints or the Minnesota Vikings.