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Arizona’s billboard game is strong under Kevin Sumlin

Wildcats are probably dominating a city skyline near you


Are you excited about Arizona Wildcats football yet?

No? Well, you should be!

Why? Well, Kevin Sumlin has made the program extremely likable/visible, has brought a renewed energy to a team that was stuck in the mud, and has a coaching staff filled with experience at all levels.

Oh, also there seems to be a new billboard budget.

Immediately after Sumlin’s hiring, there were reportedly 20 billboards that went up in the Phoenix area, including one that is right across the street from Sun Devil Stadium.

But this was just the beginning.

With four players and coaches in the Super Bowl that went to school at Arizona, U of A has expanded the billboard game to Minneapolis this week.

Arizona putting billboards up everywhere isn’t exactly anything new. When the “Arizona is Wildcat Country” slogan started under Greg Byrne, there were billboards placed at the state border along every major highway to let travelers know that they were indeed in Wildcat Country.

But this is some kind of epic burst of billboards.

Where did the money come from? Maybe part of Sumlin’s deal was a renewed marketing budget. Or that student fee is really coming in handy for doing this instead of redoing Arizona Stadium.

Either way, Arizona is certainly trying to market itself as a national football program, and that is only a good thing. Instead of hiding in the Arizona/Southern California landscape, this branching out is a very positive development.

And it seems to have annoyed Herm Edwards a little bit.

The same Herm Edwards that would rather you go to Illinois instead of Arizona State.