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Rich Rodriguez’s children come to their father’s defense

It’s getting real

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Oklahoma State v Arizona Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A lot has happened with the Arizona Wildcats football program since Tuesday.

Rich Rodriguez has been ousted, he responded by saying he took a polygraph test to disprove some of the allegations made in the claim against him.

And now as we round through Thursday, his children are publicly defending him.

Rhett, who was a true freshman quarterback on the team this year, and Raquel, a senior cheerleader at the University of Arizona, took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the whole situation that has dragged their family through the mud.

Raquel shared a text conversation she had with the accuser, Melissa Wilhelmsen, from the day that she left the program:

“She is hurting my entire family, the other staff members and their families, the Arizona football team, the entire university, and sadly all the true victims of sexual harassment,” Raquel wrote.

Then Rhett weighed in with his own thoughts:

“A woman allegedly so uncomfortable, constantly stressed and suffering migraines (which she claims was somehow pinpointed purely to stress at work) that she recommended to multiple people the poor unfortunate soul who should be her replacement was none other than..HER OWN SISTER,” he wrote.

Another interesting show of support for RichRod has come from Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick and team president Derrick Hall. Part of the claim has Wilhelmsen’s husband seeking a job with the club, and they say Rodriguez was actually trying to help him get that job and allow the couple to move to Phoenix instead of trying to sabotage Melissa.

Anyways, there is plenty more to come from this and it’s likely to turn even nastier.