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Oregon vs. Arizona score predictions

Will the Wildcats upset the Ducks?

Arizona v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats are set to host the Oregon Ducks on Saturday (7:30 p.m. MST, ESPN) likely needing a win to salvage any hope of making a bowl game.

However, Arizona (3-5, 2-3), whose quarterback situation is unknown, enters as a two-score underdog against the 19th-ranked Ducks (5-2, 2-2).

Here is what we think will happen Saturday. Be sure to leave your predictions in the comment section below.

Christopher Boan — Oregon wins 42-10

The Ducks have won 13 of their last 17 matchups with the Wildcats, dating back to 2017. That said, they tend to struggle in Tucson (see, the 2007 ESPN weeknight upset of Dennis Dixon or the 2013 debacle). This year’s team is different, thanks to the behemoth in the backfield known as Justin “Future No. 1 NFL Draft Pick” Herbert. Herbert is second in the conference in passing yards per game, behind Wazzu’s Gardner Minshew, and looks relatively unstoppable, especially given Arizona’s ninth-ranked pass defense (in the Pac-12, that is).

I’m not sure Khalil Tate or Rhett Rodriguez can keep Arizona afloat in this one, and know for damn sure that the team’s defense can’t hold up against what’s sure to be a scoring barrage led by Herbert and his offensive cohorts. Expect this one to get ugly quick, with the Quack Attack smacking Arizona around all night long.

Brian J. Pedersen — Oregon wins 31-23

The Oregon team that fell behind 27-0 at Washington State last week is not the one that will be coming to Tucson, it’ll be the Ducks squad that pulled within a touchdown in the second half before losing 34-20. But that still doesn’t mean Oregon isn’t vulnerable, particularly if Arizona is able to exploit the size advantage it will have with whoever matches up against 6-foot-5 WR Shawn Poindexter.

If only one matchup advantage was enough for the Wildcats to be able to win. It’s not, especially since Oregon has the edge at so many other places, from QB to both offensive and defensive line.

Arizona probably doesn’t have enough to take this one, but remember: good teams win, great teams cover. And the Wildcats are a 9.5-point home underdog.

Zant Reyez — Oregon wins 42-21

It’s not going to be pretty. This is the game where fans—if they haven’t already—get ready for March disappointment. Football season is over in Tucson.

I just hope Arizona shows fight as the season nears its end. I would write I want to see how Khalil Tate looks to see if he can show signs heading into 2019 that he can be that player Tucson fell in love with last October, but I don’t know it’s worth playing him at this point.

From writing that Arizona would win 10 games (lolz) and going to a bowl game, to now wanting to see younger players get time to see if the future has some color to it rather than gray this season has morphed into.

Alec Sills-Trausch — Oregon wins 42-17

Arizona’s inconsistency and firepower will hound them against the Ducks this week. They just don’t have the skill players to keep it competitive for long.

Gabe Encinas - Oregon wins 49-7

I’m al for the idea of Rhett Rodriguez keeping his dads tradition of pulling off a top 25 upset late in the season, but I just don’t think Arizona will be able to hang with Oregon on either side.

I think this game goes much like the Utah game and Arizona just gets dragged all night long.

This team can be competitive, but they have not put together four quarters and I don’t thunk that it happens on Homecoming.

I’ll be there to catch all the action. Section 16, come say hi.

Brandon Combs — Oregon wins 31-21

This is going to be a tough game for Arizona. No other way to look at it. The offense has been anemic at times this season and it has been inconsistent.

Last week against UCLA, the offense found some life and consistency under the leadership of Rhett Rodriguez. I’m with Gabe, I’m all for RhettRod starting this game and leading the team. Khalil Tate has been underwhelming this season passing wise. Throw in his inability or lack of desire to run and he just isn’t the best option right now.

I am interested to see how Oregon bounces back from a tough loss. Arizona should be hyped for the game, and coupled with the Ducks’ hangover from Pullman, it’ll keep the game close.

I just think that UO will complete a couple more plays than UA.

I too will be there, sitting in Section 107. Come say hi if you are around.

Ryan Kelapire — Oregon wins 42-24

Justin Herbert going up against an inconsistent pass rush and a secondary that is lacking depth at cornerback? Yikes.

The Wildcats are going to need a deflected ball or a fumble or two (maybe more) bounce their way to have any shot in this game. The defense will have trouble getting stops and we don’t really know what to make of the offense, since it’s not clear who the starting QB is going to be.

Either way, Arizona is outmatched here, so some crazy things are going to have to happen to escape with the upset. But, hey, Oregon-Arizona games in Tucson are usually wild, so you never know.