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WATCH: Fan jumps railing, uses exercise bike on Arizona sideline

arizona-wildcats-sb-nation-bill-connelly-preview-2019-college-football-tate-sumlin-mazzone Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Last Saturday saw the Arizona Wildcats play one of their best defensive games in years, forcing four turnovers and scoring two touchdowns in a 24-20 win over the California Golden Bears.

But while the team’s defense was flexing its muscles, security at Arizona Stadium had at least one major breakdown.

The video shows a fan named Caden, presumably a UA student, being egged on by whoever was filming to jump over the railing from the Zona Zoo area. He complies, walking over to a stationary bike on the sideline and getting in a light workout before hopping off and nonchalantly walking among players.

There’s no word on if the fan was caught and/or if anything happened to him.

Arizona’s next home game isn’t until Oct. 27 when it hosts the Oregon Ducks for Homecoming. That gives stadium security a few weeks to shore up its defense much like the Wildcats have.