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Eegee’s coming to Arizona Stadium in 2018

Plus Brushfire, Epic Cafe and more!

Jason Bartel

There’s no reason to complain about refreshments at Arizona Stadium this year.

We already knew alcohol was coming to Arizona Wildcats home football games this year, but the drink game got infinitely better on Monday.

The school announced that eegee’s are on their way back to Arizona Stadium for the coming season.

It was part of the latest unveiling of fan improvements to make Arizona home games a much better in-person experience than in previous years.

The other restaurants that fans will be able to enjoy at games this year include former Tucson Restaurant Tournament champion Brushfire BBQ Co., Carole’s Up in Smoke BBQ, Epic Cafe, and Sweet Dough Co. Donuts.

In addition to these, a Mexican establishment will be announced in the coming weeks.

With the renovated ZonaZoo, a new game atmosphere including more Pride of Arizona and a different PA announcer, and a new excitement surrounding the team, there’s no reason to not head out to Arizona Stadium this year.