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Arizona commit Jordan Morgan shows off upside in season opener

The 3-star OT was in action on Friday

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High school football is back in the state of Arizona, and on Friday the Marana Tigers headed up to Scottsdale to take on the Horizon Huskies.

Marana is home to Jordan Morgan, a 6-foot-5, 265-pound offensive tackle who is one of two in-state commitments for the Arizona Wildcats in the 2019 recruiting class.

Morgan was offered a scholarship to Arizona while attending a camp up at Northern Arizona University this summer and committed soon after. The three-star prospect has NAU and South Dakota State offers to his name as well.

Helping lead a high-powered offense, Morgan was featured at right tackle, while also flipping to defensive end throughout the game in Marana’s 42-36 road victory.

At tackle, Morgan showed quick feet that allowed him to stay in front of a defender. He also displayed great strength, often locking up a defender and holding his ground.

Morgan excels in athleticism. Rarely will he allow a defender to rush around the outside. Most times he is able to kick the defender out and take them entirely out of the play, dictating where the opponent goes and keeping them at bay.

Trying to go straight through him won’t necessarily work either, as he can stonewall a defender in his tracks. Opponents aren’t able to gain much traction when Morgan got his hands in the right spot.

At his size, Morgan is extremely lean and the 265 pounds does not look like bad weight at all. His frame looks like he can easily stack another 40 pounds by the end of his first year at Arizona.

Overall Morgan had a strong performance. He played most of the fourth quarter favoring his right foot but pushed through. There were two parts of his game that could use improvement, however.

Sometimes balance seemed to be an issue. When engaging, he would lean heavily into the defender, which would throw off his balance. He would get caught leaning too much at times and miss on a block.

He also can improve his aggressiveness. Horizon had a pretty big team, and as a result Morgan let defenders come to him instead of folding them into the ground or shoving one off and getting to the next level. He has the speed and strength, he just needs to put it together.

Morgan is raw, but the upside is there. He is a future starter at right tackle for Arizona and one of the better offensive line prospects to be brought in over the last two classes, despite his small offer list and low ranking. 247Sports has him ranked No. 1,664 overall in the 2019 class as well as the 33rd-best prospect from Arizona and the No. 138 offensive tackle in the country.

The depth isn’t there at offensive line for Arizona, and from what we can see early in camp, offensive line coach Joe Gilbert is doing an excellent job of maximizing his talent, depth and versatility. As a whole this staff seems to be filled with better teachers than the previous group.

Morgan is coached by former Arizona Wildcat Kyle Quinn and former Arizona defensive line coach Vince Amey. With a little more coaching from those two and in-game experience, Morgan will be in a great spot when he arrives to campus next summer.