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Q&A with Arizona QB commit Will Plummer

Hear what the first member of UA’s 2020 class had to say

arizona-wildcats-football-2021-recruiting-breakdown-analysis-needs-sumlin-priority Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Will Plummer became the first member of the Arizona Wildcats’ 2020 recruiting class in January.

The 6-foot-2, 205 pound pro-style quarterback from Gilbert High School is ranked as a three-star prospect by 247Sports, and is coming off his first year as a starting QB.

The Arizona native finished with 3.229 yards on 251 completed passes, 25 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions. He also added 515 yards and three scores on 92 carries.

We caught up with him to discuss his commitment to Arizona, his game, and more. Here’s our Q&A.

AZ Desert Swarm: What went into your decision to commit to Arizona?

Will Plummer: “Just the coaches down there, the facilities, and the fact that it’s still in Arizona helped out a little bit. Those three factors were pretty big in the decision.”

AZDS: Who would you say you have the best relationship with on the staff?

Plummer: “Coach Noel Mazzone for sure. He’s definitely a player’s coach. Our personalities just clicked. We can talk on the phone for, whatever, 30-45 minutes and a beat won’t skip. So that’s pretty cool. So we chat a lot and I just got a pretty good relationship with him. He’s one of the main reasons I made the choice (to commit).”

AZDS: What has Coach Mazzone told you about what he likes about your game and what you can bring to Tucson?

Plummer: “He likes my play-making abilities, arm strength, and football IQ. He likes all three of those things. Hopefully I can bring those things to the table down there and get a chance to play.”

AZDS: You recently took a visit to Arizona’s campus, based off your commitment photo. What did you like about your visit to Tucson?

Plummer: “The hospitality they provided for us. They’re great people. Once again, the facilities are great, weather’s good. It’s not too far from home. So, it’s pretty sweet.”

AZDS: Besides the football aspect of the visit, what else stood out to you?

Plummer: “The college atmosphere down in Tucson. Seems like a college town that I can fit into down there. I can see myself living there so it was an easy decision from there.”

AZDS: It’s no secret that the coaching staff has been making a big push for in-state recruiting. How important is it to you that the staff has been making that push?

Plummer: “It’s really cool to see. I mean, over the years, how many great athletes came out of Arizona that go to different schools? They don’t stay in-state. ‘Why would you let them leave?’ is their philosophy on things. Might as well keep them home, secure the home state, and build up the team here. Coach Sumlin’s approach to that is keep the kids in the state and hopefully build up a great football team. (My brother, Jack) didn’t have the opportunity to stay in-state that I did. ASU didn’t really recruit him at all. U of A, that was when they were more of a dual-threat team, so he didn’t fit into the playing style of Coach (Rich) Rodriguez.”

AZDS: Are there any players you are looking to bring with you down to Tucson?

Plummer: “Brenden Rice. Brenden and I have been texting a little bit. Hopefully I can get him because he’s a 4-star athlete. He’s the real deal. He runs a 4.55 (40-yard dash) and he’s 210 pounds. You don’t see that very often. He’s fast, he’s big, and he’s strong. Definitely trying to get him out there.”

AZDS: Moving away from recruiting, what aspects of your game are you looking to improve this offseason?

Plummer: “I’ll probably say my decision-making, learning more coverages, and breaking down defenses better.”

AZDS: What part of your game do you feel is the strongest?

Plummer: “I’ll probably say my arm strength or play-making ability. When I’m in a game I don’t ever feel there is a throw I couldn’t make. It’s pretty cool to have that aspect in my game.”

Plummer is a good start to this class. He has tremendous upside and should take a huge step forward in his development this upcoming season. Last year was his first year starting for Gilbert and he did a great job.

An important thing to remember is that he will not need to be rushed onto the field when he gets to Tucson. That will help him develop even further and get comfortable with the speed Division I college football.

Plummer does have a big arm and can chuck the ball down the field with accuracy off his back foot if needed. That is not something you see very often. He is also able to have great touch on his passes as well. One part of his game I really like is his ability to make plays with his legs if he needs to. That will allow him to be even more dangerous as his game continues to mature.

Below are Plummer’s junior season highlights and you can find our analysis here.