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Arizona LB Colin Schooler played vs. ASU, despite ‘bad flu’

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

As a college student, waking up with the flu means I’m shutting everything down for the day. I’m not talking to anyone, my teachers are getting an email, and my streaming services are the only thing I’m working on.

I’m probably going to crawl myself to my car and buy my favorite snacks and drinks and just focus on myself. But that minuscule adventure is the only activity that I plan on doing for the entirety of the day.

Colin Schooler isn’t your average college student. The Arizona Wildcats linebacker came down with a “bad flu” during Territorial Cup week, but still played against the Arizona State Sun Devils anyway.

And “bad flu”, as Schooler describes it, is a big undersell. Schooler said he lost 12 pounds in three days and had four liters of IV pumped into him between the Friday and Saturday leading up to the game.

“(My mom) took a look at me on game day and said I didn’t look right and that I was a different color,” Schooler said.

It took a toll on his performance, to be sure. Schooler tallied five tackles against the Sun Devils, tying a season-low, and missed a couple key wrap-ups as ASU rallied from a 19-point deficit.

“I started bleeding from the IV line during the game, so it was rough, but that’s just background noise when you’re playing,” he said.

Still, it was an incredible display guts and determination by the then-sophomore, one that makes me feel like the laziest college student of all time.

“Yeah, that was not a fun week for me,” Schooler said. “Got the strength to play, wasn’t my best, but it was what the team needed, so that’s what I did.”

Colin Schooler on how last year ended and the dreaded ASU game:

Posted by AZ Desert Swarm on Tuesday, March 19, 2019