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Analyzing new Arizona commit and long snapper Kameron Hawkins

tracking-arizona-wildcats-football-transfers-decommitments-sumlin-firing-fisch-recruiting-2021-2022 Photo by Carlos Herrera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats have added the missing piece to the puzzle with long snapper Kameron Hawkins pledging his verbal commitment. Our original story can be found here.

Here’s a closer look at the new recruit.

Height/Weight: 5-foot-11, 220 pounds

School/Hometown: Orange Lutheran (Orange, Calif.)

Offers: Arizona

Rubio Long Snapping Rankings: Five-star prospect, No. 6 long snapper in the nation


Arizona lands an absolute unit of a long snapper in Hawkins, who checks in at 5-foot-11, 220 pounds. There are nothing but great things about Hawkins when reading his evaluations and I’m here to add to that.

The guy is slinging it between his legs and in the very first play of his highlights he shows everyone what is truly important, the size of his heart. He comes up with a forced fumble on a punt return, showing returners everywhere why you should try and dance for more yards as long Hawkins is gunning down field.

He’ll throw a shove or two to anyone trying to get his punter and then book it for the return man, forcing them to think twice and call for a fair catch.

Overall, Hawkins is good for football, good for long snapping and makes long snapping fun to watch.

He has had some high praise from Chris Rubio too, the long snapping guru that so many aspiring snappers look to for coaching.

Kameron was exceptional at the Rubio Long Snapping Spring Camp in CA on March 3, 2019. Ball was in the high .6s to low .7s at all times. Powerful Long Snapper that is looking more athletic and muscular each time I see him. His lower half looks like tree trunks. You can tell he has been working his butt off. Form is exceptional and he uses all of his body with each snap. Snaps a ball that picks up speed and rises into the punter. No doubt he can snap at the next level and he can do it right now. One of the hardest workers you will ever see in the world of Long Snapping. Flat out machine that handles pressure extremely well.

Kameron had a tremendous weekend at the Rubio Long Snapping VEGAS XXXIII Event on January 19-20, 2019. He is, easily, one of the most consistent Long Snappers in the country. Watching him snap a ball is almost hypnotic since every single snap is the exact same....darn near perfection. Body is getting stronger and he is getting much better on his feet. Incredible improvement with his athleticism over the last two years. Kam uses all of his body extremely well and absolutely rips the ball back to the punter. He can snap in college right now. Absolute machine.

I’m all for making special teams a priority in recruiting. Special teams is a third of the game, wins games, and is taken for granted. I think this is a tremendous pickup that should not be overlooked. Arizona has a few long snappers, which is a good problem to have with Donald Reiter, ranked No. 11 in the 2016 class, who will be entering his final season once Hawkins arrives on campus.

The staff also brought in Seth MacKellar, the No. 2 long snapper of the 2019 class according to Kohl’s Kicking Camp.