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Arizona arrives late for Hawaii game due to canceled police escort


Playing the Hawaii Warriors on the road is tough. A long flight across the Pacific is required to get to the islands, and the heat and humidity can be physically and mentally draining.

If that isn’t enough, the Arizona Wildcats are getting less time than usual to go through their pregame routine for Saturday’s Week 0 opener because of some help (intentional or not) from the local authorities.

Michael Lev of the Arizona Daily Star is reporting that the UA arrived 45 minutes late to Aloha Stadium because the police escort for its team buses was “mysteriously canceled.”

This forced officials to consider pushing back the scheduled 7:36 p.m. MST kickoff time—and they did! By five whole minutes.

The Wildcats had trouble starting fast on the road last season, so surely this is not the way they wanted to arrive to a game that is widely viewed as a must-win for their bowl game aspirations.