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How Arizona’s commits fared in first week of high school football

arizona-wildcats-usc-trojans-uniform-colors-combination-helmet-pac12-football-2020-coronavirus Photo by Jacob Snow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Football season is back! The Arizona Wildcats did not start the season in ideal fashion, but there is ample time to make corrections and right the ship.

Meanwhile, some of UA’s commits for the 2020 class started their seasons as well this weekend, though most don’t start until this weekend or the first weekend in September.

Here’s a look at how they fared.

Will Plummer, QB

Gilbert Tigers (Gilbert, Ariz.: 0-1): Lost to Mesquite 41-24

Game Stats: 24-for-37, 302 yards, 2 TD, 3 INT; 16 car, 101 yards

Don’t let the TD-INT ratio fool you, Plummer had a strong game. It’s clear that his offensive line needs to gel together a little more and do a better job of protecting him and giving him time.

Flipping on the game film, it is clear Plummer has taken a step up in his game from last year. His arm has only gotten stronger and, for the most part, he was making the right reads. His arm is his greatest strength, but his legs are probably one of the most impressive parts of his growth this offseason. He very much reminds me of Grant Gunnell in the pocket: great pocket awareness, uses his legs to make plays/avoid pass rush, keeps his downfield, and delivers accurate passes on the move.

The first game didn’t go well for Plummer and the Tigers, but I am eager to see how he does the rest of the season. So far, I like what I’m seeing.

Dion Wilson, DE

Orange Vista Coyotes (Perris, CA; 1-0): Won against Rialto 34-0

Game Stats: 4 tackles, 4.0 TFL

I haven’t been able to find any game film for Wilson along the defensive line, but that statline isn’t too shabby. Here’s a clip of Wilson destroying someone on punt coverage:

Woody Jean, OL

Deerfield Beach Bucks (Deerfield Beach, Fla.; 0-1): Lost to Carol City 24-12

Game Stats: N/A

I have been unable to find any film of Jean in action against Carol City but the game did not go how I thought it would. Deerfield Beach is one of the best teams in Florida but they had a rough time against Carol City on Saturday.

Dyelan Miller, WR

Centennial Coyotes (Peoria, Ariz.; 1-0): Won against Casteel 34-27

Game Stats: 1 reception, 16 yards (at least. The stats are incomplete.)

The Coyotes, who are one of the most dominant teams in the state, continued their run of success when the took care of Casteel on Friday. Centennial does not throw the ball a ton, but Miller was able to snag a 16-yard pass on a slant, using a nice job

OT Cedric Melton, DB Khary Crump, OL Josh Baker, and TE Drake Dabney have games this coming weekend. CB Alphonse Oywak and RB Jalen John start their seasons in the first weekend of September.