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SwagCopter returns as Kevin Sumlin visits Phoenix recruits during Arizona’s bye week

The Arizona Wildcats have a bye this week, and head coach Kevin Sumlin and his staff are using the time off to hit the recruiting trail.

And he is doing it in style.

Just as he did at Texas A&M in the famous “SwapCopter”, Sumlin traveled by helicopter to a couple high school games in the Phoenix area.

First, Sumlin landed at the Millennium vs. Desert Edge game, where Arizona’s top target—defensive end Jason Harris—was suiting up.

Then, Sumlin was spotted at the Odyssey Institute vs. Florence matchup, where three-star defensive end Regen Terry was playing, another one of Arizona’s top targets.

Traveling by helicopter is not only a practical way to skip Phoenix traffic—which can be brutal on Friday nights—but also to make a memorable impression on a couple of important recruits.

And in an age where players are wooed by uniforms and facilities, why not give the SwagCopter a spin?