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How did Arizona football’s recruits fare in Week 5?

Another solid showing for Plummer, Crump, OL commits

arizona-wildcats-college-football-recruiting-commits-high-school-updates-week-5-2019 Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats were on their second of three byes last week, right before they play UCLA to open Pac-12 play. But that doesn’t mean the future of the team had the weekend off.

All 12 members of Arizona’s 2020 class were in action last weekend. Read on to see how they performed during their games.

Drake Dabney, TE

Cy Ranch (Cypress, TX) Mustangs: Lost to Bridgeland, 48-14

Game Stats: 3 rec, 14 yds, 0 TD

2019 Stats: 13 rec, 120 yds, 2 TD

I was not able to find any film for Dabney in Cy Ranch’s big loss to Bridgeland. However, I was able to find some stats.

It’s clear that the Mustangs are looking to get Dabney, who is a fantastic blocking TE, more involved in the passing game. In Cy Ranch’s loss, Dabney nabbed three passes for 14 yards, however no scores.

Of note, Dabney’s stats were added for last week’s game against Langham Creek. Dabney finished the win with 15 yards on two catches with a touchdown.

Jalen John, RB

Lakeridge (Lake Oswego, OR) Pacers: Lost against Sherwood, 50-13

Game Stats: 8 car, 46 yds, 0 TD; 1 rec, 5 yds, 0 TD

2019 Stats: 51 car, 490 yds, 4 TD; 5 rec, 89 yds, 1 TD

John’s production took a dive quite a bit this past weekend as Lakeridge fell to Sherwood.

I’m unsure if John was injured or if Sherwood’s defense was just that good and he had an off game. Either way, John did rip off a really nice looking 20-yard run. As he bounced the handoff outside, he used his speed and shiftiness to round the corner, past a few tacklers, and down the sideline for a huge gain.

I’ll keep an eye on his status as this week moves along. If he is indeed injured it would not only be a huge blow for him and the Pacers, but to Arizona as well. We won’t be able to enjoy his dynamic running style while he rests and heals up.

Will Plummer, QB

Gilbert (AZ) Tigers: Won against Sunrise Mountain, 50-47

Game Stats: 25-for-37, 383 yds, 5 TD, 0 INT; 11 car, 26 yds, 1 TD

2019 Stats: 106-for-171, 1,453 yds, 15 TD, 7 INT; 60 car, 327 yds, 5 TD

This past Friday was hands-down Plummer’s best performance of the year.

First and foremost, he did not throw an interception after getting picked seven times so far this season. That has been the one aspect of his game I’ve been vocal about him correcting and this is a huge first step in the right direction.

Moving on to the rest, he went wild. He showed his usual great accuracy coupled with his to place his passes just about anywhere. And it didn’t even matter if he was on the run.

On one play he dropped back, stepped back into the pocket as it encircled him, and then started running to his right to avoid the rush. Now during his time scrambling he kept his eyes downfield to look for open receivers. He then dropped a beautiful pass, while running to his right, on a wide open receiver down the field for a touchdown.

The very next play you see him step up and deliver the ball, accurately, through an extremely small window to his receiver for a big gain.

My favorite pass of his comes near the end of his highlights. Taking the snap at the Tigers’ own 20-yard line, he drops back and delivers an absolute dime to his outside receiver who ran a well executed post route. The receiver catches the ball in-stride at the 50 and saunters into the end zone.

Plummer continues to improve every week and should finish his senior season out on a high note.

Alphonse Oywak, CB

Kentwood (Covington, WA) Conquerors: Won against Kentlake, 41-6

Game Stats: 3 rec, 82 yds, 1 TD (stats incomplete)

2019 Stats: 2 tackles, 1 PBU; 9 rec, 215 yds, 2 TD (stats incomplete)

Oywak had a really strong game at receiver for the Conquerors. Based of his highlights from the game he snagged three passes for 82 yards and a score. One of those catches was a nice 50-yard bomb down the field for a touchdown.

One downside: I would love to see more film of him at corner, the position Arizona is recruiting him as.

He is extremely athletic, very much like freshman phenom Christian Roland-Wallace, and is a dynamic receiver. His corner play, however, should not be ignored.

Dion Wilson Jr., DE

Orange Vista (Perris, CA) Coyotes: Won against Azusa, 58-0

Game Stats: 2 tackles, 2.0 TFL, 1 forced fumble (stats incomplete)

2019 Stats: 14 tackls, 9.0 TFL, 1.0 sack, 2 forced fumbles (stats incomplete)

Wilson dominated on Friday, plain and simple. He was the biggest individual on the field but that wasn’t what was impressive.

Wilson generates a large amount of power from his legs and, couple that with him keeping his feet moving, he’s like an unstoppable wall of muscle and aggression being rammed down your throat.

On the offensive side of the ball, he blew up his opponent on a constant basis. I would actually be surprised if he didn’t leave the game with a 99% pancake block percentage. As a matter of fact, you would see the Coyote staff call running plays to the left side of the line (Wilson’s position) a lot because there was sure to be a running lane open. If I was a running back on Orange Vista’s team, I would only want to run behind Wilson because you won’t get touched until at least five yards down the field.

Defensively, he was just as dominant. Based on d-end film (and there wasn’t a lot of it), Wilson recorded two tackles, both of those for a loss. All this kid does is make plays in the backfield. There was one instance where the o-lineman, who was pulling, didn’t even attempt to block Wilson. Wilson just casually walked into the backfield and made the play. He even caused a fumble. Why you don’t even attempt the disrupt the best athlete on the field is beyond me but Wilson benefited in a big way.

His highlights from the game are below, as are his mid-season highlights.

Woody Jean, OL

Deerfield Beach (FL) Bucks: Won against Oak Ridge, 42-0

Game Stats: Unknown

Deerfield Beach continued its hot streak as it rolled over Oak Ridge last weekend.

I was able to find some clips of Jean in action and I can see a jump up in his development this season.

He is able pretty athletic but what gets me is the amount of power he is able to produce engaging in run blocking. It is something I don’t remember seeing last year.

He will need to work on his pass blocking technique a little more but it is a step up from last year as well.

I was finally able to find game film on him from two of the Bucks’ previous games. One note, in one of the films he is pointed out as the right guard. This is not accurate as he is the right tackle, wearing 73.

Josh Baker, OL

Eureka (MO) Wildcats: Won against Lafayette, 24-22

Game Stats: Unknown

Baker and his Wildcat team continue to roll through the season as they notched their third win of the season.

Baker looked great, and I can say this: if the world attacked its problems like Baker attacks his opponents, there would be a lot that got accomplished.

His highlights from the game are short, but you just see him absolutely mauling his target, with good technique no less ... AND opening running lanes. Yet another week where I’m impressed by Baker.

Dyelan Miller, WR

Centennial (Peoria, AZ) Coyotes: Won against Ironwood Ridge, 37-7

Game Stats: 1 rec, 14 yds, 0 TD (stats incomplete)

2019 Stats: 10 rec, 125 yds, 2 TD (stats incomplete)

For the second straight week, Miller and the Coyotes played in the Tucson area. Last week Centennial defeated Cienega 38-14.

I was unable to find any complete stats for Miller but I found a clip of one catch he had.

In the film, you see Miller lined up at the top of the screen. As the QB drops back he is pressured and has to leave the pocket, rolling to his left. Miller does a fantastic job of getting open and becoming a safety valve for his distressed QB, who has to make the throw across his body. Miller snags the pass for 14 yards and a first down.

Khary Crump, CB

Culver City (CA) Centaurs: Won against Palos Verdes, 55-52

Game Stats: 3 tackles (stats incomplete)

2019 Stats: 15 tackles, 2 INT, 2 PBU, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery

Crump and his Culver City squad continue to be perfect on the year as they notch their fourth win.

There wasn’t much film on Crump for the game, but man, I like what they recorded. All three plays show Crump’s physicality and solid tackling technique.

In the first play he comes flying down the field on kick coverage and just blows up the returner.

The second play shows him playing against the run. As the ball carrier comes to his side of the field, Crump does a fantastic job of tracking the runner. He then squares up, propels himself toward the ball carrier, wraps up, and drives the ball carrier into the dirt. The hit was a good one too. All momentum the running back had left instantly.

The last play is my favorite. It’s a little of a close up shot of the QB and the middle of the formation. About a second after the ball was snapped, you see a player in blue come screaming into frame from the right side of the screen, chasing the QB who is running to the left side of the screen (right side of the field). Turns out that player in blue is Crump coming in on a corner blitz, chasing the QB down like he’s wearing his PF Flyers. Crump takes the ball carrier down from behind for no gain.

Cedric Melton, OL

Klein Cain (Houston, TX) Hurricanes: Won against Klein, 52-42

Game Stats: 46 car, 340 yds, 7.4 yds per car, 4 TD

Melton and his offensive line partners had themselves a game. Based on the rushing stats and the overall outcome, it’s clear that the Hurricane offensive line owned the trenches. When you flip on Melton’s film you see the evidence.

Melton showed a lot of power, leg drive, and aggression against Klein. You can see the jolt he sends the defender when he engages them and that is something that wasn’t there that often last year.

Melton also showed quickness and athleticism on a few occasions. A couple of examples are at the end of his highlights. He becomes a pulling tackle, moving to the left side of the line. On the last play of the film, you see him fall in behind the right guard, who engages in a block. Melton then continues on and blocks a couple of defenders while his QB becomes his shadow and makes it to the end zone.

It’s clear Melton has continued to make strides in his game and I’m really starting to like what I’m seeing out of him.

Tyler Loop, K/P

Lovejoy (Lucas, TX) Leopards: Won against Frisco Memorial, 42-14

Game Stats: 6-for-6 on PATs (stats incomplete)

2019 Stats: 3 FGs made; 11 PATs made (stats incomplete)

Lovejoy earned their second win of the season in a blowout against Frsico Memorial.

I wasn’t able to find any stats or film on Loop but based on the score, one can assume he made all his extra point attempts.

Of note: his season stats are also based on the score of the three games Lovejoy has played.

Kameron Hawkins, LS

Orange Lutheran (Orange, CA) Lancers: Won against Vista Murrieta, 42-17

The Lancers bounced back rather well after being blanked by Narbonne last week, 38-0.

I wasn’t able to find any film on Hawkins snapping, which is a shame.

I legit love watching him snap. The velocity and crispness of his snaps are amazing. There is a reason he is one of the best snappers in the country.

Consistent and effective snapping is very much often overlooked and not talked about. But it is just as important as any other part of the game. Arizona fans should be well aware of what can happen when a snapper is inconsistent. Hawkins is a fantastic snapper and should really help strengthen the group. Especially once Seth MacKellar, the Wildcats’ current true freshman snapper who was one of the best last year in high school, shakes off the jitters and settles in.