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Friday Night Lights: Arizona’s Texas commits impress and Louisiana players continue to dominate

Photo via 247Sports

The Arizona Wildcats aren’t in action right now, but some of their commits are! Let’s take a look at how they fared in their respective contests.

Tyrese Johnson, WR, KIPP Booker T. Washington Lions

  • Oct. 15 Result: Loss to Newman, 22-55
  • Oct. 24 Result: Victory over Frederick A. Douglass, 30-0
  • Record: 3-1
  • Oct. 15 Game Stats: 40-yd rushing TD (incomplete)
  • Season Stats: Unknown
  • Oct. 15 Notes: Johnson and his Lions team took on Newman on ESPN, and Johnson didn’t disappoint. He played multiple positions and was easily the best offensive weapon. He had an impressive 40-yard touchdown from the Wildcat. He also showcased his ability to make plays after the catch.

Montrell Johnson, RB, De La Salle Cavaliers

  • Oct. 15 Result: Victory over Lakeshore, 49-13
  • Oct. 23 Result: Victory over St. Charles Catholic, 21-0
  • Record: 4-0
  • Oct. 15 Game Stats: 216 rushing yds and a TD (incomplete)
  • Oct. 23 Game Stats: 29-yd TD catch (incomplete)
  • Season Stats: 454 yds, 7 TD; 29 yds, 2 rec TD (incomplete)
  • Oct. 15 Notes: Johnson is a stud, no other way to put it. He is very fast, making it look like he’s going out for a Sunday jog. Couple that with his strength and shiftiness and it’s easy to see why he will be one of the best players in Arizona’s class. Enjoy his highlights from this weekend below.

Oct. 23 Notes: There is a nice clip of Johnson catching a contested ball and tight-roping the sideline into the end zone. He is proving more and more that he is a threat in the passing game. His is the third play in this montage. There’s another nice little montage from Anthony Rhodes Jr. on Twitter below as well.

Kevon Garcia, DE/LB, Dekaney Wildcats

  • Oct. 15 Result: Victory over Nimitz, 59-14
  • Oct. 22 Results: Victory over MacArthur, 49-7
  • Record: 2-2
  • Oct. 15 Game Stats: 4 tackles
  • Oct. 22 Game Stats: 6 tackles, 0.5 TFL
  • Season Stats: 33 tackles, 3.5 TFL, 1 PBU, 1 fumble recovery
  • Oct. 15 Notes: I wasn’t able to find any video of Garcia but his stats show he wasn’t as productive as his first two games of the season. Nevertheless Dekaney won their first game of the season...rather easily I might add.
  • Oct. 22 Notes: Garcia showed off more of his instincts, easily dissecting plays and reacting successfully to them. He is a naturally good pass rusher, but he is starting to grow on me as an inside backer as well. That type of versatility is exactly what the Arizona defensive coaches are looking for.

Ja’Marian Peterson, DE, De La Salle Cavaliers

  • Oct. 15 Result: Victory over Lakeshore, 49-13
  • Oct. 23 Result: Victory over St. Charles Catholic, 21-0
  • Record: 3-0
  • Game Stats: 1 tackle, 1 TFL, 1 sack (incomplete)
  • Season Stats: 3 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 sack (incomplete)
  • Oct. 15 Notes: I wasn’t able to find any stats for Peterson, but I did find a clip of him. Peterson is a monster coming off the edge and a nightmare for opposing ball carriers. In the clip below (his is the third play shown), you see him toss around the running back like he’s made of paper. This is becoming a common theme with Peterson, and I like it.
  • Oct. 23 Notes: Peterson had a nice sack in his game against St. Charles Catholic. In the clip, you see the QB drop back, going through his progressions. Then, like a blur from the right, Peterson came in and threw the QB down for the sack. His play was the second from the last.

Javione Carr, DB, Sam Houston Texans

  • Oct. 16 Result: Loss to Grand Prairie, 19-47
  • Record: 2-2
  • Oct. 16 Game Stats: 11 tackles and a fumble recovery
  • Season Stats: 63 tackles, 3 PBU, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery
  • Notes: I wasn’t able to find any video of Carr but, based on his stats, he had another productive game. Even in a loss, he’s productive. The shear number of tackles that he has through four games as a DB tells me he is always around the ball. And that is something you want out of a defender.

Jackson Bailey, LB, Red Oak Hawks

  • Oct. 23 Result: Victory over Mansfield Legacy, 45-21
  • Record: 1-1
  • Oct. 23 Game Stats: 3 tackles (based on film)
  • Season Stats: 3 tackles (incomplete, based on film and missing a game)
  • Oct. 23 Notes: It was nice to finally get a glimpse of Bailey this season. He looks athletic and almost natural dropping into coverage. He dissects plays quickly and has good speed to close in on the ball. It looks like he has pretty good sideline-to-sideline speed as well.

Kolbe Cage, LB/DB, Holy Cross Tigers

  • Oct. 17 Result: Loss to Jesuit, 20-28
  • Oct. 24 Result: Loss to Easton, 14-59
  • Record: 1-2
  • Oct. 17 Game Stats: 3 tackles, 0.5 TFL (based on film)
  • Oct. 24 Game Stats: Unknown
  • Season Stats: 8 tackles, 0.5 TFL, 1 INT (incomplete)
  • Oct. 17 Notes: Cage is just as hard hitting as he was last year, maybe even more so. He still has those great instincts and knack for shedding blocks and making a play. Bottom line, he is a seriously good player.

K.C. Ossai, LB, Oak Ridge War Eagles

  • Oct. 15 Result: Loss to Montgomery, 13-38
  • Record: 3-1
  • Oct. 15 Game Stats: 7 tackles, 2 TFL (based on film)
  • Season Stats: 7 tackles, 2 TFL (incomplete, based on film)
  • Notes: Ossai had another strong outing against Montgomery. He continues to show great instincts and ability to dissect plays quickly. He made numerous stops and kept plays to minimum, if any, gain.

Dalton Johnson, DB, Katy Tigers

  • Oct. 24 Result: Victory over Cinco Ranch, 41-0
  • Record: 4-0
  • Oct. 24 Game Stats: Unknown
  • Season Stats: 1 INT (incomplete)
  • Oct. 24 Notes: Unable to find any stats or video for Johnson.

Jakelyn Morgan, DB, Tyler Legacy Raiders

  • Oct. 16 Result: Loss to Pulaski Academy, 25-50
  • Record: 2-2
  • Oct. 16 Game Stats: 5 tackles, 1 PBU
  • Season Stats: 18 tackles, 2 PBU (incomplete, missing a game)
  • Oct. 16 Notes: Morgan continues to impress me with his coverage skills. Even when his team struggles, he appears to stand out on the defense and is continuing to prove he is an effective man coverage corner.

Kyion Grayes, WR, Chandler Wolves

  • Oct. 16 Result: Victory over Perry, 55-0
  • Oct. 23 Result: Victory over Higley, 63-7
  • Record: 4-0
  • Oct. 16 Game Stats: 3 rec, 88 yds
  • Oct. 23 Game Stats: 4 rec, 25 yds
  • Season Stats: 16 rec, 341 yds, 6 TD
  • Oct. 16 Notes: Grayes didn’t have a “blow-you-away” game, stats-wise. He did what he does best, get open and make plays with the ball in his hands. He is an extreme threat in the short and intermediate passing games. These routes allow the QB to give him the ball quickly and in space, which in turn gives Grayes the opportunity to scorch defenses.
  • Oct. 23 Notes: Grayes was used more in the short passing game this past weekend but that doesn’t matter. He is still dynamic and a major threat with the ball in his hands. Two out of his four catches were on screens and he still managed to gain good yardage on those plays.

Treyson Bourguet, QB, Salpointe Catholic Lancers

  • Oct. 23 Result: Victory over Buena, 37-6
  • Record: 2-0
  • Oct. 23 Game Stats: 10-for-17, 98 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT; 2 car, 0 yds
  • Season Stats: 17-for-27, 195 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT; 2 car, 0 yds
  • Oct. 23 Notes: Bourguet was knocked out of last Friday’s game early after he took a hard hit. Luckily, he seemed alright after the game and on Twitter, so that is really good news. Before he left the game, he had a beautiful 26-yd touchdown pass.