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What Kevin Sumlin said about Arizona’s loss to ASU and his future with the Wildcats

kevin-sumlin-firing-buyout-budget-arizona-wildcats-coronavirus-deficit-football-coaching-search Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats were destroyed by the Arizona State Sun Devils 70-7 on Friday for their program-record 12th straight loss.

The Wildcats are 0-5 and head coach Kevin Sumlin is certainly on the hot seat.

Our recap can be found here and below is the video and recap of his postgame presser, where he addressed the lousy performance and the speculation surrounding his future with the program:

Kevin Sumlin post ASU

Hear what Kevin Sumlin had to say about the 70-7 loss to ASU and his future at Arizona

Posted by AZ Desert Swarm on Friday, December 11, 2020

On what went wrong: “When we turn the ball over early in the game, give them short fields...we dug a hole early in the game.”

On if he thought the team was prepared and in the right mindset heading into the game: “Yes, I did.”

Why he thought that: “Just our practice tempo, pregame, everything.”

On sticking with it in a game like that: “So the turnovers and our inability to bounce back from the turnovers, giving them short fields to score early. No matter what your emotional level is, when you turn the ball over like that, particularly early in the game with short fields, it’s not a good recipe.”

On if he’s worried about his future of the program: “No, I mean it’s what we signed up for, right? It’s a tough deal, right? But as a coach you know that you can’t approach life, your team, anything like that, right? So we just got to keep working at it and that’s what I’m going to do.”

On what he said to the team at halftime: “In the locker room, just basically said, ‘Hey look, coaches and players, you got to fight your way out of it. You got two options. You either quit or fight. And that’s where we are.”

On honoring the seniors before the game: “To have their parents there, that was a great deal for them, right? Because they haven’t been able to be at the games and obviously there’s a lot of frustration for those guys, and not just for the seniors but the players around them, for the experience that they had this evening.”

On the quarterback play and pulling Grant Gunnell in the second quarter: “I thought Will (Plummer) came in and gave us a spark, actually. Moved the ball down the field. He had been playing the last couple of weeks. Grant, before the game and in practice, looked good. He wanted to play, he felt good, but obviously we had some issues with turnovers. And so at that point, it wasn’t a situation where we were throwing the towel in. We brought Will in because he had played the last couple weeks and he actually...moved the ball early when he was in there.”

On if Gunnell’s shoulder was 100 percent healthy: “From a medical standpoint, and everything that he’d done in practice for last couple, three days, there was no reason and we had that communication during the week about his health, and he felt good coming in the game.”

On Gary Brightwell’s three fumbles: “Gary made some mistakes,, right? Put the ball on the ground. But that hasn’t been us, that hadn’t been him. So you gotta encourage him to be who he is. And that’s uncharacteristic of Gary because he’s had some great games this season.”

On if Arizona will play next week: “I can’t answer that right now just because of numbers, so we’ll see where we are tomorrow. We’re not talking about turning down (a game). We’ve got to see where we are injury wise.”

On the mindset moving forward: “I mean, everybody’s disappointed, right? Everybody’s frustrated, everybody’s not happy right now. But we’ll see where we are injury wise. We got another game to play and that’s the mindset right now.”