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Q&A with Arizona signee Jabar Triplett Jr.

Get to know the Louisiana-based backer

Photo via @showtime9_ on Twitter

The Arizona Wildcats a much needed player in 3-star linebacker Jabar Triplett Jr. After not signing during the early period, the Louisiana-based defender stuck with his commitment to the ‘Cats even after the defensive staff changes. In fact, he was the only player who was committed to Arizona during the early period who didn’t sign to stick with their pledge.

Read on below to learn more about Triplett. You can find his Signing Day profile here.

Favorite Food: “My favorite food is shrimp fried rice.”

Favorite Music Artist: “NBA Youngboy.”

Hobbies: “Playing basketball, playing madden, and spending time with friends and family.”

Favorite Sports Team/Pro Athlete: “My favorite sports team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. My favorite athlete is Jamal Adams.”

Biggest Supporter Throughout Your Career: “Both my mom and dad.”

What You Like Most About Playing Football: “I like that I can be myself and just enjoy the game that I love to play since I was a little boy.”

Fondest Memory of High School Career: “When I caught my first pick six against Scotlandville when the score was 0-0.”

Major: “Business management.”

Jabar’s Thoughts on Being a Wildcat: “I am excited to be a Wildcat! I’m ready to get up there, put in work, and to be that great player that they are expecting.”

4-year Highlights: