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Parents of Arizona seniors Brenden, Colin Schooler voice support for school leadership

colin-schooler-arizona-wildcats-texas-tech-red-raiders-transfer-coronavirus-big12-linebacker-2020 Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The vast majority of the Arizona Wildcats football team is back on campus, they being the first student-athletes allowed to return throughout June as part of the school’s COVID-19 re-entry plan. That plan has been paused in light of the state and Pima County’s massive surge of cases, though voluntary workouts will continue for the 80-plus football players who are already back.

The decision to keep going is supported by Christine and Tom Schooler, the parents of senior wide receiver Brenden Schooler and senior linebacker Colin Schooler.

Speaking on WildcatRadio 1290 AM on Tuesday, Arizona athletic director Dave Heeke noted that since the workouts are voluntary players are welcome to stop if they don’t think it’s safe.

“If anybody doesn’t feel comfortable, if anybody doesn’t want to be here, any of our student-athletes want to take a little bit of a break, they can do that and they all know that,” Heeke said. “We have not had anyone do that yet, and they’re pretty excited to be back on campus. And they want to train. They want to have some structure in their lives.”

Heeke said he’s been a part of numerous Zoom calls with parents of football players, as well as those for other fall sports, to keep them abreast of the situation.

Arizona’s newcomers were the last batch of football players set to return, on July 6, but their arrival is now in limbo. Among those anxious to arrive is Canadian offensive lineman Leif Magnuson, who two weeks ago shared his family’s approval of how the UA is handling the pandemic.