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Q&A with new Arizona WR commit Tyrese Johnson

Hear from Arizona’s newest addition

Graphic via Arizona Athletics

The Arizona Wildcats received a big commitment from dynamic New Orleans-based wide receiver Tyrese Johnson to start the week.

Johnson became the third player from Louisiana to commit to the ‘Cats this cycle, as they continue to pick up steam in The Boot.

The 6-foot-1 receiver is a playmaker on the outside and is great with reeling in contested catches and high-pointing the ball. It’s not hard to see him making an impact early in his career in Tucson.

I caught up with Arizona’s newest commit to discuss his decision and more.

Brandon Combs: How does it feel to get your commitment off your chest and know what school you’ll be attending in the future?

Tyrese Johnson: “It feels good to make one of the biggest decisions of my life and feel good about it. I’m very excited to attend Arizona and I’m really looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life.”

Brandon: What about Arizona attracted you and made you think this is the place for me?

Johnson: “What attracted me about Arizona is the family culture they have. That was really pulling me towards them. Also, Arizona is very pretty.”

Brandon: Who was your lead recruiter on staff?

Johnson: “Coach (Theron) Aych.”

Brandon: How is your relationship with him? Did he make your decision any easier?

Johnson: “My relationship with him is very good. We talk everyday. He didn’t necessarily make the decision easier nor harder for me. I took it upon myself and asked a couple of close friends to do some research on Arizona with me. We all came together with what we had and I made the decision from there.”

Brandon: Being from New Orleans, how does it feel to know you’ll have two other players (Kolbe Cage and Montrell Johnson) from your hometown, as well as Jabar Triplett from Baton Rouge, with you in Tucson?

Johnson: “It will be great to play with a childhood friend such as Kolbe. Montrell and Jabar are dawgs as well. I’ve watched their film before committing to see who I’ll be playing with. I couldn’t be more excited to be on the team with them. We are Boot Boys!”

Brandon: Are there any other players in Louisiana, or players in general, that you are recruiting to come with you to Arizona?

Johnson: “No player in general, but if there are some that I see, I’m on the hunt.”

Brandon: Are you looking to enroll early?

Johnson: “No, I believe I should graduate on time.”

Brandon: Moving to the offseason, what is one aspect of your game you are looking to improve?

Johnson: “I’m looking to improve everything. But if I have to choose it would be speed and explosion out of my route.”

Brandon: What are your goals for this upcoming season?

Johnson: “My goals are to win state championships in football and basketball. I want to leave my school with my legacy and make sure I have fun my senior year.”

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