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Arizona football signee analysis: 4-star offensive lineman Raymond Pulido

arizona-wildcats-football-recruiting-early-signing-analysis-raymond-pulido-alabama-lineman-2023 Family Photo

The Early Signing Period is here at last! AZ Desert Swarm has you covered and will be bringing you analysis of the signees throughout the rest of the week.

Let’s take a closer look at 4-star offensive lineman signee Raymond Pulido.

No two-ways around’s been awhile since Arizona has signed an offensive lineman like Pulido.

He is a very large human being, sitting at 6-foot-7 and weight ranging from 315 to 340. With someone that size, one would expect him to be clunky or cumbersome. That is in no way the case.

Pulido is a two-sport athlete, also playing basketball for Apple Valley. And that athleticism translates in a big way to the football field. He has very good foot speed and moves extremely well for his size. He is able to marry those traits with a decent amount of speed, which makes him an effective candidate for a pulling lineman.

He already posses above average strength and does a good job using it. Once Pulido is able to get his meat hooks on you, it’s very difficult to escape. He will only become more difficult to break free from once he gets some time in Tyler Owens’ strength program in Tucson.

Probably one of his most important attributes is his aggressiveness and nastiness that he plays with. He loves contact and is relentless in his blocking. He creates power in his initial blow and continues until his opponent on the ground.

He does have a little bit of a habit to play with higher pad level, but that is easily fixed. He has an incredibly high ceiling and has versatility to boot, playing both tackle and guard. A very, very good addition for Brennan Carroll’s position group.