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Turf replacement underway at Arizona Stadium

Sorry, it’s still not grass

arizona-wildcats-football-stadium-artificial-turf-grass-synthetic-cost-pac12-college-tucson Arizona Athletics

Don’t care for the artificial turf at Arizona Stadium? Well, you’re in luck, because the Wildcats are tearing out that fake stuff for … more fake stuff.

The UA is installing a new turf field inside the football stadium, at a cost of $1.4 million according to the school. It is expected to be completed by August, allowing for some practices and scrimmages inside the stadium ahead of the 2022 season opener Sept. 3 at San Diego State.

The first home game this fall is Sept. 10, against Mississippi State.

Arizona had natural grass inside Arizona Stadium until the 2013 season, when it put in a synthetic field that included the Bear Down slogan in “ghost lettering” between the hash marks. The UA went 30-24 on that surface, losing 11 of the last 13, while going 15-37 everywhere else.

That includes a 4-21 record on grass fields since Arizona Stadium got rid of the real stuff, with all four wins at Colorado’s Folsom Field. The Wildcats haven’t won on a grass field of any other Pac-12 school since beating ASU in 2011.