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Arizona football: Roster updates entering 2022 season

arizona-wildcats-football-roster-updates-training-camp-2022-heights-weights-jerseys-positions Mike Christy / Arizona Athletics

The Arizona Wildcats are done with their first week of fall camp as they prepare for the 2022 season.

Jedd Fisch and the UA staff made a concerted effort to revamp the roster, and they did a great job in the last recruiting cycle.

Besides the new faces, the size of the team has improved as well. That is all thanks to the Director of Strength and Conditioning Tyler Owens and his program and staff.

Let’s take a look at height and weight changes of the players between Spring and Fall camps.

Height & Weight Changes

The team is categorized into offense, defense, and special teams. Increases in height/weight are colorized green, decreases are in red, and no change/fall camp newcomers are in gray.



Special Teams

Other Changes

There are plenty of new faces on the roster now that Fall Camp has started. See below for the jersey numbers and positions for the new players.

  • Sterling Lane II: #8, Linebacker
  • Cole Tannenbaum: #14, Quarterback
  • Rayshon Luke: #20, Running Back
  • Tacario Davis: #23, Cornerback
  • Chris Hunter: #25, Wide Receiver
  • Rex Haynes: #27, Wide Receiver
  • Will Uhrich: #27, Safety
  • Devin Dunn: #29, Cornerback
  • Jax Stam: #30, Safety
  • D.J. Williams: #32, Running Back
  • Brady Weinberg: #42, Punter
  • Ta’ita’i Uiagalelei: #46, Defensive Lineman
  • Jordan Forbes: #49, Punter
  • Brandon Craddock: #50, Linebacker
  • Tyler Martin: #54, Linebacker
  • Jacob Reece: #54, Offensive Lineman
  • Jacob Manu: #59, Linebacker
  • Wendell Moe: #72, Offensive Lineman
  • Matthew Moore: #80, Wide Receiver
  • Jake George: #81, Wide Receiver
  • Gavin Smith: #82, Wide Receiver
  • Sam Graci-Glazer: #83, Wide Receiver
  • John Hart: #86, Tight End
  • Tyler Powell: #87, Tight End
  • Isaiah Ward: #90, Defensive Lineman
  • Isaiah Johnson: #91, Defensive Lineman
  • Jacob Kongaika: #93, Defensive Lineman
  • Russell Davis II: #99, Defensive Lineman